Top 4 Drinks People Like and Dislike


Let’s try to comprehend what the world order would be like if everyone loved and hated the same things. The world as we know it wouldn’t exist and specific things would have never been invented or discovered. Perfect examples of this theory are beverages like coffee, milkshake, frappe, and bubble tea. Long-time supporters and sworn opposers everywhere have their reasons for liking or disliking these drinks. However, here are some factual reasons why someone can either hate or love each one of them.

1. Coffee

Why Love It?
“I can’t live without my morning coffee!” That is a phrase which we hear more and more these days. Coffee drinking has turned into an everyday ritual with surprising mood-boosting effects. That is the primary reason why most people love coffee. Caffeine triggers certain glands to increase your adrenaline levels. Let’s not also forget that caffeine is addictive. So, people keep coming back for more, even if they don’t need it.

Why Hate It?
Meanwhile, some people quiver at the thought of drinking coffee. Usually, they avoid coffee because of its bitter aftertaste and harmful effect on breath and teeth. But, these are not the only reasons. Based on relevant science, some people just don’t react well to caffeine. Specifically, caffeine seems to affect the precise chemical processes within the body. So, to avoid discomfort and sleepless nights, people stay away from coffee.

2. Milkshake

Milkshake is another beverage that raises conflicted opinions.

Why Love It?
Milkshake buffs attribute their affection to its sweet taste, creamy texture and refreshing aftereffect. Also, it’s not every day that you get to enjoy a drink that is made out of any ice cream flavor you want.

Why Hate It?
On the other hand, milkshakes are not as innocent as they might look. They are bound to come with many calories and fat since milkshakes use ice cream and milk as their main ingredients. Even if you use low-fat or non-fat milk and ice cream, the calories find their way into this thick and frothy beverage.

3. Frappe

Frappe drinking is a long and beloved tradition amongst Greeks. But, is this the case for other nationalities?

Why Love It?
The main and most important reason to fall in love with frappe is that it tastes like no other coffee and has a unique aroma. It’s made out of Greek instant coffee and is served cold. So, it’s the ideal way to cool yourself off during a hot day.

Why Hate It?
Despite its unique taste, frappe coffee comes with one disadvantage. There is not extensive research, but some claim that frappe is harmful to one’s health. It’s instant coffee, after all. So, it’s not filtered. As a result, some hate frappe.

4. Bubble Tea

This sweet treat is turning into the next “it” drink. Some love it; some hate it. But, why?

Why Love It?
To begin with, it tastes amazing! Not only is it sweet and creamy, but it also contains chewy Tapioca pearls. What people also like about bubble tea (especially in London) is that it comes in several flavors. So, no disappointments there.

Why Hate It?
For some people, bubble tea equals bubble trouble. Most claim that it is not even real tea; just a beverage stuffed with artificial flavorings and chemicals as well as lots of sugar. So, a lot of people are concerned about the health impacts of consuming bubble tea and, thus, stay away from it.

Bubble Tea

bubble tea

In recent years, the drinks market has seen the rise in popularity for bubble tea. When you take a look at what is there to offer, you can see why this wonderful drink has exploded into the market. Its bright fruity colours and intriguing topping additions causes many to question, what is bubble tea?

So what is bubble tea?

Most people will say that it is a sweet and refreshing drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s. There are many different names it has been known for. These include, pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, and zhen zhu nai cha. What makes this tea based drink different from other drinks is that it contains toppings which are found at the bottom of the cup. A wide bore straw is required to drink and suck up the toppings, creating a unique experience. In recent years, bubble tea has transformed into different variations that can be mixed with other drinks. Bubble tea has been fused with the different tea, fruit juice, smoothies and even slush. At Marrakech cafe, not only do we sell great Moroccan food, but we also sell great bubble tea drinks!

Why Marrakech

Here at Marrakech we believe in providing personalised experience to every customers and therefore understanding their taste. Our food and drinks are carefully chosen to cater to for every customer hence giving customers the best experience. With years of experience in the food industry, we ensure that every customer receives top class service in addition to authentic products.

Customers can order bubble tea all day at the Marrakech Cafe. We make our tasty drinks exactly the same way as London’s popular store Hachoo Bubble Tea. Hachoo is known for their high quality ingredients which results in truly fresh taste. Just like the London store, customers can choose from a wide selection of flavours and toppings. This allows customers to customise their own drinks and be creative.

3 Easy Moroccan Cuisine Recipes

Get A Taste Of The Moroccan Cuisine With These 3 Easy Recipes

Despite the fact that the traditional Moroccan cuisine is full of bright colors, exotic yet subtle spices, and surprising flavor combinations, most people don’t seem to know their way around it. As a result, most assume that the only delicacy that the Moroccan cuisine has to offer is couscous with chicken. But, this is certainly not the case. So, let’s explore the variety of Moroccan cuisine through the following three recipes.

Starter: Tomato, Coriander And Garlic Salad

Moroccan cuisine is known for two things. Firstly, its colorful and fresh ingredients and secondly its vigorous and memorable flavor. This starter (salad) recipe epitomizes the Moroccan cuisine since it combines these two signature signs harmonically.

3/4 cup of cherry tomatoes, halved
A handful of coriander, thinly chopped
Two garlic cloves, peeled and minced
2 tbsp of lemon juice
2 tbsp of olive oil
Salt and pepper, for seasoning

1. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and toss them in a bowl.
2. Add the coriander and the minced garlic and mix them well.
3. In a separate glass, pour the olive oil, the lemon juice as well as salt and pepper and stir well with a spoon.
4. Pour the mixture into the bowl and stir well once again.
5. Enjoy!

Main Dish: Kefta With Rice

Alongside couscous and chicken, Kefta (meatballs of ground beef) is yet another signature dish of the Moroccan cuisine. Meatballs are usually seasoned with zesty spices that skyrocket any Moroccan dish in an instant.

1/2 kg of ground beef
One onion, thinly chopped
Two cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 handful of parsley, chopped
2 cups of long grain rice
1 cup of chicken broth
One tsp of paprika
One tsp of turmeric
One tsp of lemon juice
1/2 cup of butter, melted
Salt and pepper, for seasoning

1. Mix the ground beef with the spices and shape them into small balls.
2. In a saucepan, melt the butter and saute the onion and the garlic.
3. Place the meatballs on the side of the pan and pour the rice in the middle along with the parsley.
4. Add the chicken broth and some water and let them cook.
5. Once cooked, season with lemon juice.
6. Bon appetit!

Dessert: Cinnamon Oranges

Originating in Morocco, this dish is popular due to its juicy and tangy flavor. Moroccan cuisine at its best once again!

Two oranges, peeled and sliced
1 tbsp of cinnamon
1 tbsp of honey (optional)

1. Peel the oranges and season them with cinnamon.
2. For extra sweetness, pour some honey on top of the oranges.